Our Wedding, August 15, 2015

Hi Friends!

I haven't written a blog post in ages, and thought this was the perfect opportunity to share a full gallery and the story behind our wedding, being that it was our one year anniversary on Monday!

First, I would like to dedicate this post to my beloved grandmother Viola, who passed away a few short months after our wedding. I will always cherish that we had her with us on our special day, and that these photos are a beautiful reminder of her loving, vibrant spirit, that we will carry with us always...

I knew I wanted to marry Brian within the first few months we began dating, and I knew I wanted to get married in the beautiful city we call home – Seattle. So when the day finally came and he asked me nine years later, I got busy visiting countless local wedding venues. I knew right away that I wanted to plan my wedding without the help of a wedding planner. I had so many ideas and elements that I wanted to incorporate, and being able to do it all on my own, was something I had always looked forward to.

Experiencing all of those special, one-in-a-lifetime moments as a “bride-to-be” was very important to me as well. In addition to taking on every aspect of the planning, I wanted to attend the bridal shows, have my friends and family with me for dress fittings, collect vintage pieces for decor, design my invitations, and style every portion of the event. The entire process leading up to our wedding day, was just as important to me as the actual day itself, and I wouldn’t change a thing about how it all transpired.

During the planning process, nailing down the perfect venue was the most important piece. We felt like it would set the tone for the entire day, and we had some very particular ideas about what we envisioned – an outdoor ceremony (which narrowed it down to July or August in Seattle), a classic and timeless indoor reception venue, ideally with a huge patio and a view of the water and mountains. Sounds pretty impossible to find, right? Not in beautiful Seattle, though…

When we visited Seattle Golf Club, we fell in love with it immediately. We drove in and were instantly surrounded by towering evergreens. There was an element to it that made us feel like we were outside of the city, yet everything about this venue encompassed what we love about Seattle and the Pacific Northwest – the trees, the mountains, the water. Being that Brian is also an avid golfer, and that many country clubs have that classic aesthetic I was looking for, made this venue absolutely perfect. Brian’s parents were also married there, and it checked the box of that gorgeous Pacific Northwest view! We had to make it happen.

Since we opted for an outdoor ceremony, SGC recommended Dunn Gardens to us, which was this amazing hidden gem just a half mile down the road. Privately owned by the Dunn family, but open for tours, and events, this gorgeous garden was a no-brainer for our ceremony site.

Next, we began researching photographers, and when we met Julie Harmsen, the chemistry with her was instantaneous. She had such a warm personality and we felt like she just had to be a part of our day. Not to mention, she takes pretty amazing photos. 

The BAND – this was another very important piece to our day, so we opted for a live band. I knew that this was the way to go for our guests. In addition to the perfect venue, another huge priority for us was that everyone have the most FUN possible, and this centered around a great band, which is why we chose A New Groove from Portland, Oregon.

When everything came together, the overall style of our wedding emulated classic elegance with a touch of vintage. It was absolutely perfect and exactly what we had imagined.  
Because we had also done a lot of planning leading up to it, Brian and I felt more relaxed than we expected on the day of our wedding.

The ladies began the day with brunch at the golf club, as we had our hair and makeup done. I made a conscious effort to take in every moment, because I knew the day would fly by. I enjoyed every minute with my best friends and family, soaking up that time in the morning with the girls. The boys enjoyed their time with some pre-wedding cocktails and a few rounds of dice.

When we did our first look, we wanted our entire bridal party to be a part of it, so we had them watch from the balcony above, and it was so memorable. It just added a whole nother level of excitement to that moment. 

We had previously discussed with Julie that we wanted to capture the candid moments in our photos throughout the day, and not have too many “posed” shots. We felt like it was more “us” to be able to look back at those moments. One of the things that Brian and I both cherish so much about each other, our friends and family, is that we laugh together all the time. That is exactly what we wanted our photos to show – laughter, happiness, and fun. Julie did an amazing job capturing this.

As the day and evening went on, it became more magical. Our friends and family gave memorable, heartfelt and hilarious toasts, and as it came time for everyone to let loose on the dance floor, there was no shortage of guests out there. The band was fabulous, and the vibe in the room was exactly what we had dreamed of. Everyone had an absolute blast.

One other special moment during the evening, was when I joined the band and sang a few songs. I opted for some fun upbeat tunes, that I knew my friends and family would dance to. That was a huge hit with our guests and was just another part of the day that made it exciting and unique.

As we danced the night away, I continued to take in every moment, and even after it was all over, we said to each other, “let’s do THAT again!” The funny thing about it though, is that we would not change a single thing…

Happy Anniversary to my sweet husband!



Elegant Cloud & Currant Wedding Inspiration

Hello Friends!

Happy Friday! I have been meaning to share some beautiful images with you for quite some time now! Back in January, I designed and coordinated a styled shoot with an amazing team of vendors at the fabulous Seattle venue, Axis Pioneer Square. Everyone embraced the design concept fully and my gorgeous sister-in-law modeled the BHLDN gowns and accessories like a pro! It turned out more beautiful than I imagined.

This venue and design emulate a romantic ambiance with classic elegance and a touch of vintage glamour. We used a cloud and currant color palette. By featuring a soft airy color as the foundation, with a deep, bold color in the accents, it offered a beautiful balance, which is exactly what we were looking for. This color palette is also fabulous for any season or any venue. Thank you to my wonderful friends/vendors and family who assisted in bringing this vision to life! I hope you enjoy! XOXO


Hello Friends!

Welcome to Fanciful Rentals and thank you for visiting! I am so excited to launch this site and begin this new journey. I can’t wait share all of the fabulous items that I’ve collected over the past couple years, with you. I also have so many wonderful people to thank, who assisted me in this process of bringing Fanciful Rentals to life – my amazing husband, my super generous mom, aunts, cousins, in-laws, and my late grandmother who all inspire me with their classic, effortless style and always offer their endless support.

I also have to thank my buddy Benny who made this web site look amazing, and the wonderful vendors who have contributed their beautiful work and have allowed me to feature it on my site.

With the launch of this site, I'm sharing all of the photos from a styled shoot that we did back in September. You can find all of the images in the Gallery, and below are some of my absolute favorites. We shot all of these images at my aunt and uncle’s beautiful home above Shilshole. I just have to say, this home is like a dream, and screams classic charm and romance, which is what inspired this shoot. I had the most fun working with my aunt, my mom and my cousins on this and I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!

With Love,